Epic Mickey - Power of Forgiveness - Part9

Summary: The Petes initiate their plan to rule all Wasteland, leaving Oswald and Mickey to save not only the forgotten world, but the Gremlins that the Petes have captured beforehand. 

The group travels through Frigid Valley and arrives at Flying Forest, where the forgotten Pilots live. Soon after, the Gremlins are reunited with their Pilots and everyone eats a proper meal and gets a good amount of hours to sleep.

As I said, I’ll be making a fanfic of how I want and think Epic Mickey 3 would have gone.
Considering the Petes took Prescott in the first place, I’ll make this more centered around the Gremlins and their past.
Sorry for any grammar errors and any noob mistakes.
I’m still getting used to some information I collected of the characters that will show up in this story.

All characters belong to Disney and Roald Dahl. I only own this story! Nothing else!


    Saying that their current location was cold, wasn’t enough. The path they were taking was more then cold, it was frigid; inhospitable; dead.

There weren’t any plants, just rocks and snow. And from the looks of it, the whole area had been like this even before the Thinner Disaster.
Why it was built in the first place, no one knew.
Maybe it was supposed to house some sort of attraction that was all about snow? if yes, then Pilot Gus wouldn’t know. Neither he or anyone else had ever found such a place. Only miles and miles of cold unforgiving snow.
 "It’s so cold!" Mickey said while trying to keep from stuttering while he rubbed his arms and trembled, walking was starting to become an effort for everyone but the human Gus. "How did you all survive long enough to even build a house?"
    Gus shrugged at this while he made sure the widget on his shoulder was warm enough. Making sure his friend was alright was now a top priority since he was so much younger now.
 "I have no idea." He finally replied. "All I know is that we were very lucky…"
    And indeed they had? Any other time, they would have dropped dead and turned into popsicles. Instead, all the pilots had carried on and on, until they reached what they could only describe as paradise.
A forest area that was warm yet cool as well. Not too humid nor too dry and abundant in plants; minerals; animals and other valuable resources. Since then, they’d been the happiest they could be.
 "We’re almost there don’t worry." he said "I told the others to go while I explored the factory, so I’m sure they’ll be preparing some warm food and tea, and we’ve got enough stamps to satisfy all of the Gremlins for at least a few years."
    At the mention of food, the toons felt their mouths water, pressing on with new found strength and hoping that they’d soon be able to eat, sleep and then when they felt better, teach those pesky Petes a lesson or two.


    Finally exiting Frigid Valley, the Toons couldn’t help sigh as they reached a much warmer location.
The sun shone brightly, hitting their faces and temporarily blinding them, until finally their eyes adjusted to the sheer brightness.
What they saw, amazed them.
    They were in a forest area unlike any other they’d seen. The trees stood high and proud, almost touching the clouds with their beautiful leaves of a rich green color.
The grass looked healthy and Mickey was sure that if he took of his shoes, that it would tickle his feet. This was confirmed when Oswald began to laugh quietly as he walked on the grass.
Ahead of them, was a waterfall with the clearest water they’d ever seen, fish of bright colors swam in it, without a care in the world.
Thanks to the lighting, the pebbles in the pond that was at the bottom of the waterfall seemed to glow brightly, which looked breathtaking when ever a colorful fish passed by one of them.
There were small animals running about in the trees and some deer eating the fresh grass .
Everyone was speechless, trying to take all of the view in.
    Pilot Gus smiled as he watched the toons look around in awe. He then looked up at the waterfall and pointed at what looked like floating rocks beside it.
 "If we climb those, we’ll reach the top of the waterfall, which is actually a floating Island." he said. "Me and the others chose it as a home because it was safer, you never know what else might roam the forest."
    At this, the Gremlins began to fly, zooming up the waterfall and looking around excitedly. It seemed that even after the war, their curiosity hadn’t dimmed at all.
    Oswald; Mickey; Pilot Gus;Widget Gus and the mutated Prescott were looking up at them, before heading for the floating rocks, and using them as a ladder.
It would be a while before they reached the top, and unlike Pilot Gus (who was used to it by now), Widget Gus (Who was ridding on his human master’s shoulder) and Prescott (who seemed to be quite resilient now) both rodent brothers were exhausted when they finally finished climbing.
    Quickly catching their breath, the two along with the Gremlins, began fallowing Pilot Gus again, whom was headed for the house he and his fellow humans called a home.


    Markus was strumming at his guitar chords while waiting. Gus had gone off to explore the Factory while he and the others were told to go home and prepare dinner. They opted with preparing breakfast instead since the travel back took all night.
Now, as they awaited the arrival of their fellow pilot, each were doing their own thing.
 "Mind if I sit here?" a voice suddenly cut the silence that accompanied the tune of Markus’ guitar.
    The younger man didn’t need to turn around to know who it was, and frankly, why should he bother, his friend probably just wanted to get away from Henry Sparks and Francis Jamface.
 "Is Francis bothering you again Julius?" he asked.
    Julius Prescott sat down a few feet away from Markus and shook his head. he set down his book on his lap and put on his reading glasses before replying in a calm voice.
 "No, they’re too busy trying to sneak some food out of the table…Besides it’s a lovely sunny day and what better to do then read a book while savoring the sun’s warm rays?"
    Markus rolled his eyes at this and looked at his fellow pilot in mock annoyance. he was used to Julius’ rambling.
 "Cut the poetic baloney, what do you really want?" he asked.
    To this Julius frowned and then glared. If there was something he didn’t stand, was having his reasons questioned.
 "I just told you." he said in a slightly colder tone. "What about you? Why are you here strumming uselessly at a guitar when you yourself have told me you haven’t quite been inspired to play anything?"
    Markus looked like he was about to let out a clever comeback, but it soon died in his own mouth. He raised a finger for a bit and then let it drop as he realized he had no real explanation for this.
 "Touche" He said before turning his attention to his guitar and continuing to play it.
    The two were bound by the same reason to wait outside. They had a feeling that if they waited long enough, something great would happen. They just didn’t know what.
However, they didn’t need to wait as much as they thought they did, for soon enough, Gus was back.
    The two looked up from what they were doing and began to wave, but stopped when they saw what was behind their fellow pilot.
A black and white rabbit and mouse, each wearing shorts of color blue and red respectively. The mouse had yellow shoes on.
They recognized the mouse, but not the rabbit, but they didn’t care.
What was behind those two was what really mattered.
Gremlins, the whole group. That and some sort of devil like creature.
    Their looks of surprises soon turned into grins and in a blink of an eye, the two were up and running in Gus’s direction, shouting for the others to come out and see.
The commotion was loud enough for some of the curious pilots to peer through the windows, and cheer happily at the sight of their leader and the Gremlins.
They’d waited for this for quite a long time now.
    Julius and Markus were the first to greet them. Gremlin Markus quickly spotted his master and laughed.
He’d missed the human a lot.
The two quickly began fooling about and greeted each other excitedly. The others flew out to greet their own masters who were quickly exiting the house.
Julius was left alone however, which confused him.
 "Where’s Gremlin Prescott?" he asked while raising an eyebrow at Gus.
    His comrade bit his lip and looked at Widget Gus who shrugged in turn, not knowing what to do. How to explain their situation?
 "It’s a long story…" Oswald suddenly said, causing everyone to look at him.
    Mickey quickly joined in by walking to his brother’s side and looking at the confused pilots.
 "Longer then I’ve ever existed actually." he said "And it’s becoming longer with every action we make."
    And from there on, the two brothers began to explain. Their origins; how Oswald was forgotten while Mickey gained fame among the years; the creation of Wasteland; the Thinner Disaster; the war against the shadow blot; Mickey’s victory; the quakes; Prescott’s betrayal and sabotaging; how the Mad Doctor was the real culprit and a manipulative mastermind; his defeat and redemption; the Petes taking Prescott and using him to create horrible machines; the Gremlins’ capture and finally the completion of the main machine and it’s testing and activation.
 "Let me get this straight, so a bunch of fat cats took Gremlin Prescott, enslaved him and then used a wacky machine to turn Gremlin Gus into a Widget and Gremlin Prescott into some sort of monster made out of a thinner and paint hybrid?" the human Jamface asked.
 "Yes, and the same machine is going to turn everyone into babies and in turn the Petes will make them their loyal army which then will be converted into similar monsters…Who knows what they’ll achieve from then on!" Widget Gus said.
    The humans shared worried looks while Julius looked at the creature that his Gremlin had become. He felt horrible for him.
 "We can’t let that happen then." Stuffy said.
 "Yeah! Who do those Petes think they are? Turning people into their little battle toys?" Henry Sparks exclaimed.
    The two were fallowed by the other pilots and their cheering Gremlins. Both Gus’; Mickey and Oswald were pleased.
There was no way that the Petes could win now, if they got it right then for now they only had babies and machines with them, not mutated warriors.
If they moved fast they could stop this menace and lock up the Petes. They would also be able to fix everything again and give the Mad Doctor his generator.
    Their cheering, soon turned into a mild celebration as they all entered the house and ate breakfast, fallowed by a nap in a comfy bed.
They’d be strong enough to fight the Petes and their machines in no time.

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